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DevelUp is a new age professional platform connecting right skills to right jobs. We are making job opportunities accessible to millions of job aspirants in India.  DevelUp’s learning ecosystem transforms individuals into career leaders and drives the workforce towards a better future.

Prepare for a future in the Indian Armed Forces

Get the right skills for your dream job. Our courses offer world-class technical and essential skills. Skill up not just to change your pay scale, but to change your life.

Learn On-Line with DevelUp 

What you learn in your syllabus is a drop, what you will be asked to do on your job is an ocean.  That’s why we have specially curated the Multi-Skilled Automation Technician (M-SAT) program to make you industry-ready. Prepare for the future and get guaranteed placements after successful course completion.

Learn more. Earn better.

Gain technical skills required to build a great career in the core-engineering sectors. Get introduced to new-age machines and understand world-class manufacturing practices. Learn not just to change your pay scale, but to change your life.

Get hands-on experience with the latest industrial tech

Pre Recruitment Training is curated to prepare you for reputed careers in the Indian Armed Forces. Our specialized curriculum is a blend of academic and physical training which is built for your success.